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When email addresses are verified, email marketing is 1000x more effective and your sender reputation is protected.

Email is the main point of contact between your business and the customer. Our email validator will help you reach your customers and keep your email sender reputation intact. We offer full end-to-end email verification solutions for all your email marketing needs. All processing is done by BytePlant’s servers, your IP addresses and domains are not affected in any way by BytePlant’s validation services – absolutely no backlisting risk for your IPs and domains.

  • Validate email addresses before sending marketing emails
  • Validate a single email address or every email address in your Salesforce Org
  • Take advantage of Bulk API 2.0 to validate emails
  • Validate standard and custom objects including Person Accounts, Leads & Contacts
  • Top-up your validation credits directly in the DTX email validator application
  • Validate individual records or schedule daily validations on newly created records
  • Full settings page to control API key, scheduled validations, notification emails

Email Validator

Problem to Solve:

Prevent high-risk email addresses from ‘poisoning’ your Salesforce Data i.e. disposable email, no-reply, catch-all addresses: Protect your Sender Reputation and increase your Marketing ROI.

Key Features:
Seamless Integration with Salesforce

The DTX Email Validator app runs natively in Salesforce. Validate a single record or up to 100k records at a time.

Proprietary End-to-End Email Address Validation

We employ a 15+ Step proprietary validation process which checks each email address up to 60+ times across the world, guaranteeing a 98%+ Accuracy.

Disposable Email Detection

Detect existing & new disposable email addresses also known as DEA or dark mail

100% GDPR Compliant

Fully compliant with all GDPR regulations and data policies

High Risk Email Detection

Prevent the wave of high-risk email addresses (i.e. disposable email addresses) from entering and poisoning your Salesforce database

B2B and B2C and international email coverage

Any email, from large corporations to personal emails any in the world can be accurately validated.

Email Server Validation

Advanced email server identification and validation through SMTP and proprietary validation methods.

Why Email Validator

Sender Reputation

Sender scores are rated from 0 – 100 by analyzing your reliability and reputation, in part by hard bounce rates. A bad sender score can affect how your address is evaluated by spam filters and IP blockers. One of the main reasons for a sender score being reduced is the number of hard bounces your outgoing email receives.

hard bounces

Hard bounces are caused by emails that are immediately returned as undeliverable because the recipient’s address doesn’t exist or the email account has been closed by the previous account holder. This can occur due to a typo or an intentional misdirection.

save time

According to research conducted by the Content Marketing Institute, more than 80 percent of B2B marketers use email to keep their client base up to date and conduct outreach. Email verification helps refine your contact list so that you can segment leads according to where they are in the buying process. This provides you with actionable data that will weed out inactive subscribers and uninterested leads. The time saved can be spent closing rather than chasing cold leads.

Keep emails fresh & up to date

Almost 30% of your valid emails will deteriorate over the year as people change jobs and change emails. On average, email addresses decay at 22.5% per year (www.hubspot.com/database-decay). Prevent high-risk email addresses from ‘poisoning’ your CSM database.

BytePlant’s Email Validator Services Are:


Validation Services since 2003


The Strictest Data Protection & Privacy

email coverage

B2B, B2C and international

data validation

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