100 days till Go-Live!

  • Evaluate the project
  • Communicate the Process
    (21 days)
  • move the metadata / infrastructure
    (51 days)
  • Backup the Data
    (65 days)
  • Restore the Data
    (79 days)
  • Testing Support & Feedback
    (93 days)
  • Go-Live
    (100 days)
  • Hypercare Support
    (113 days)

Recent Projects


10 million records | Migration from an eCommerce Solution to Salesforce Commerce Cloud

AdTalem wanted to migrate 10 million records from ElasticPath into CloudCraze Salesforce Org. We were asked to transform and load the data provided by AdTalem. This was accomplished using Cloud113 org migration methodology in 113 days.

  • Cloudcraze
  • All data
  • Commerce Cloud
  • Users

10 MIllion records from ElasticPath


600 Users | 500 User Carve-Out + 100 User Migration

Toppan Vintage purchased multiple business lines from Merrill Corp. We were asked to merge both Salesforce Orgs into a new org, combining 2 Sales Clouds and a 500 user Service Cloud.

  • Service Cloud
  • Automation
  • Sales Cloud
  • Salesforce Knowledge
  • Experience Cloud
  • CRM Analytics
  • All Data & Files / Attachments
  • Users


1000 Users | Division Carve Out into New Cloud

Nexeo wanted to carve out a division into a new Salesforce Org. We helped them accomplish this in record time, complete with full functionality for their division.

  • Sales Cloud
  • CRM Analytics
  • Experience Cloud
  • Users
  • All Data & Files / Attachments
  • Automation


250 Users | 250 User Migration into Existing Cloud | Full Change Management

Axalta purchased a division of Valspar and we merged into the current Axalta Salesforce org. We also conducted change management communication, training and managing the entire Salesforce project.

  • Sales Cloud
  • CRM Analytics
  • All Data & Files / Attachments
  • Internal Project Management
  • Knowledge
  • Change Management & Training
  • Automation
  • Users
  • Experience Cloud

App Expertise

Moving Cloud Data Has Never Been Easier

We can move multiple full Salesforce Orgs or any combination of full and partial orgs.

  1. Move the infrastructure & Metadata
  2. Map all of the data, relationships, processes and data visibility / security between the systems
  3. Migrate the data & relationships to the destination Org for UAT
  4. Migrate the “Delta data” daily / weekly until post cut-over
  5. Cut-over and support data questions

Project Process

Migrations are easy when following our proven System.
Tactical and effective project plans make our engagements exciting and efficient

Migrations don’t happen without a solid team. With the Cloud113 team and your team working together, we can bring any project to a safe landing.
On-target and on-budget every time!

Every Project Has It’s Plan

We have developed highly effective plans for a migration of every type.

Common Cloud Migration Patterns

Mass Merge Mass Effect

Combining many Salesforce Orgs into a single Salesforce environment for true customer 360 visibility

Clever Solution with 1+1 = 3

Cloud113 is known for clever Salesforce Solutions. Our newest solution and process allows us to move, migrate and combine clouds faster than ever. We move the infrastructure (metadata) AND the data while maintaining data relationships using BULK API

Carve Out & Merge

Combining multiple orgs into a NEW or EXISTING org.

Lightning Transition

Experts in Lightning Transition with User Centered Design for improved adoption.
Don’t just turn on lightning, turn on your users to a better Salesforce Experience.

New Horizon

Move away from Lotus Notes DB, Excel or any other On-Premise DB to the Salesforce Experience.


We are experts at moving Clouds. We make it easy to move from non-Salesforce CRM’s to Salesforce.

Planning a migration? Cloud113 handles the complexity with speed and accuracy. Our approach is tactical and efficient.

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